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The first International Women's Day (IWD) was in 1911, following a series of events in Europe that prompted the need to recognize women's economic, political, and social achievements.

Since that time, the event has grown to be observed on a global scale. This day celebrates the struggles and strengths which women have experienced, and offers respect for their endurance throughout time.

View a Video Message about IWD by United Nations Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet.

This year's theme:

UC San Diego's IWD theme for 2016 is "#ActivismLooksLike"

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Our Mission

To serve students interested in pursuing academic excellence, establishing the groundwork for success in their chosen careers or graduate study, and becoming lifelong learners and effective citizens.

To foster the ideal of an education in the liberal arts and sciences that develops intellectual capacities and expands general knowledge by exposing students to a variety of disciplines.

To offer an academic foundation that is suitable for all majors, whether in the natural or applied sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities and the arts, and that prepares students for opportunities to study and conduct research with UC San Diego faculty and scholars.

To feature dimensions of international understanding and cultural diversity in the general education curriculum and in co-curricular programming.

To provide a community where students are valued and respected, where they are challenged and helped to succeed, and where they can develop a strong sense of belonging and confidence about their roles in society.